The Health and Safety of our people is fundamental to our business. Our shared vision is to provide an environment free from harm by promoting a positive safety culture and improving the health and wellbeing of our workforce.. Our commitment to our people and clients is demonstrated by our management of Health and Safety and our continual drive towards zero accidents and incidents. We are focused on creating a safe working environment where our workforce feel empowered to be responsible for their own health and safety and that of others.

• Compliance of all the local regulations (Acts, Rules & IS specifications) pertaining to Health - Safety & Environment including employment & conditions of services.
• Experienced and competent safety officers are deployed at all our worksites.
• All Workmen and staff at our sites use tested Personal Protective Equipment’s.
• Adequate insurance coverage and policies for all workmen.
• Identity Cards are issued for easy identification of employees at site of work.
• Proper Risk Assessment before start of the job will be done and risk control measures taken.
• Proper first aid box and all medicines covering workmen at work places.
We recognize the environmental impact of our business and are dedicated to protecting our local and global environment through responsible management. Our goal, to prevent environmental damage and to conserve our natural resources.